Thermal Cork Shield (Or, How to Save 40% on heating and cooling)

corkpaint     Thermal Cork Shield!!!  What would you say if someone told you that you could save money on your electric bill by painting your house or business?  Would you do it if there was a 10 year warranty and no maintenance?

Thermal Cork Shield is an exterior thermal barrier product that goes on the outside of buildings and homes much like paint.  The big difference is that it will SAVE you money on your heating and cooling utility expenses!  No traditional exterior paint can make that claim.

Here are a few excerpts from The National Post article dated July 9, 2016 – Mike Holmes: Keep yourself cool by keeping your house cool, starting from the outside – – By Mike Holmes, Special to National Post  –  ‘Holmes Makes It Right¨ on HGTV

If you are serious about saving energy and keeping your house cool in the summer (and warm in the winter), think about getting a high quality cork spray product installed on the exterior of your home to help insulate it from the outside. It can be applied over any surface wood, brick, stucco, steel, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, shingles, etc.

Insulating the exterior of the house stops the heat and cold from coming inside, as well as from escaping outside, so your home maintains a steady temperature all year round.  I used it on my house and my energy bills have been cut by almost 40 per cent.

The bonus is that high quality cork spray is a natural fire-retardant (it has a Class B fire rating); it’s durable, environmentally friendly, it gives us a thermal break (so heat doesn’t penetrate through), it’s a breathable product, it works in any climate, and it’s water and mold resistant.  It’s also flexible, so you won’t get any cracks on the exterior of your home or commercial building.

The spray cork can match any color and you can choose different finishes from sandy to smoother finish. Plus, it looks great and will last a lifetime.

thcc  Here’s a photo of Leah Peterson, President of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce showing how excited and pleased they are as they save over 50% on their utility bills.

For more information call –  Trudi Wieduwilt,  Energy Savings and Sustainability,  520-241-6765

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