There’s an app for that!

With the ever changing world of technology it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest and greatest products available to make our lives easier. We found some home automation apps available for almost any smart phone that we think could save you some stress – and money! Let us know if you use any of these and if so, how well they work.


We recently read an article naming eleven home ‘smart apps.’ Really? Should any house be THAT smart? Of course the idea of smart homes isn’t new. In the 1960’s robot assistants were being featured as the next rage. Those of us ‘of a certain age’ will remember when automation for lighting, heating and air conditioning were being touted for ‘homes of the future.’ The future is now, whether we like it or not.

Wireless home automation is available at our fingertips. Let’s say you’re on your way to the gym to work out when you realize you forgot to turn down the heat, turn off the lights, or set the security alarm.

Worry no more! With wireless home automation you can set the alarm, control the climate and turn on or off the lights with a swipe or push of a button on your phone.

There are even apps that can ‘talk to each other.’ For example, if someone leaves a door ajar on a July day in Tucson, the AC adjusts so you don’t waste energy.

Home security is an issue worthy of conversation. Have you ever come home to find ‘someone’ had forgotten to set the alarm? It is quite disturbing. Being able to check the alarm remotely would curb a lot of anxiety. And might help the ‘someone’ to double check it before leaving the house next time.

There are even apps that will send you a text or email message when there is a serious event going on in your home such as a water leak. But our favorite is the one that allows you to shut down consoles if your child is playing video games instead of doing homework.


Smart homes, alas, are only as smart as your smart phone. The apps are available from many sources. We found this article helpful:

How ‘smart’ is your home and phone? We’d love to hear how you use smart apps!

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